Legal Career and Mock Trial

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to practice law?  In our Legal Career Workshop, you will step into the life of a criminal trial.

Criminal law is one of many areas of law practiced around the world with significant ramifications.  We will hold a “mock” trial (simulation act) based on a current case involving college campus life and sexual accusation.  The issue will be, what is “consent”?

Our Workshop / Mock Trial features:

• Honorable Joseph J. Burghardt – California Superior Court Judge, as the Judge

• Aparna Voleti, Esq. & Emily Wingett, Esq. – LA County Public Defenders, as the Defense Attorneys

• Geoffrey Wells, Esq. –Partner at Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, as the Prosecuting Attorney

• Mary Ray, Esq. – LA County Public Defender, as the Victim

• Michelle Slater – Law Student at Southwestern Law School, as the Defendant’s Roommate

You, our MBYC student body, will serve as the Jury charged with hearing the case, deliberating, and rendering a Verdict.