Design Workshop

Designing our World, and Everything in it. From products and ideas … to cities and beyond. Everything, every experience, every idea — is designed. Some well; some not. Tonight we explore the design process. Discover how design shaped three people … and how they shape design. Learn how to apply design-thinking to your every day; and maybe make it your career.

Andy Cohen is an architect and Chief Executive Officer of Gensler, the world’s largest international architecture, design and planning firm with offices global-wide. As the third in line of his family to run a retail dairy market in New York City, Andy took the road less traveled and turned his sights to design. His interest in drawing turned into a passion for architecture which continues more than 30 years into his career. Alan Robles, is an Experience Designer at Gensler. He’s spent 25 years finding the edges of the design practice and developing projects of every scale in the pursuit of meaningful experiences. His focus has been on how emerging technologies and the opportunities they create can enhance natural interaction within the built environment. Championing the idea that technology is an ingredient and not the whole recipe, he’s focused his efforts on how new technologies fit into existing workflows in ways that heighten the design experience. Learn how they work with an array of design thinkers to plan and build cities, buildings and products in an every-changing world. And check out the world of Gensler at

David Patrick is Founder and Partner of Shark Wheel, and Zack Fleishman is Chief Operating Officer of Shark Wheel — The company that literally “reinvented the wheel!”
A former mortgage banker and software developer who was a lifelong skateboard enthusiast, David followed his interest and literally reinvented the sport wheel. His hard work and good luck continued as he was introduced to former pro tennis player Zack Fleishman who “knew a thing or two about wheels himself.” A mountain biking accident caused by a faulty tire had cut his pro tennis career short. The more Zack learned about what David was doing with his wheel, the more he wanted to be a part of it. Check out SharkWheel on Shark Tank. And come learn firsthand about their amazing story of trial, tribulation and ultimate triumph!