David Patrick

Inventor of the Shark Wheel and the 4 Sphere turbine, David is on his third startup company. David previously was the founder of Proventedge Technologies, a California software company focused on the mortgage banking industry. Prior to creating his software company, David was the founder of California Capital, a mortgage banking firm. David currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer at Shark Wheel. He is a one-of-a-kind inventor and discovered a fundamental shape inherent in nature’s motions. David believes in the phrase ‘innovate, never imitate’ and he is constantly in development on various wheel applications and improving the existing design for new generations of release. Shark Wheel is David’s third startup company. His first company, Pacific Western Financial did loans in the state of California. Eventually Pacific Western became California Capital, funding tens of millions of dollars in mortgage-backed loans all across the United States. During this time, David’s internal systems led his company to be successful and he was a leader in his industry, revolutionizing many key processes using technology instead of manual systems. Once the company was sold in 1997, David took the technology he developed and founded the Provantedge Software company. The software was designed for the entire mortgage banking industry and was a true end to end solution. Provantedge processed all types of loans from FHA, VA, Conventional, and all others for all 50 states. The software that he designed along with his partner was light years ahead of his competitors and was the first of its kind to introduce many new technologies. He sold his advanced software to companies including Boeing Employees Credit Union, Ford Employees Credit Union, and many other financial institutions. Provantedge was also the first company to successfully submit loans to Freddie Mac when the industry was in its infancy. David was instrumental in inventing an all-in-one system that revolutionized the industry by being the first to use XML standards. His software is still in use today. David was the founder at Provantedge along with his partner David Hall and worked on this project and company from 1997-2003. David also served as inventor and CTO at 4sphere, a novel wind and water turbine company that was picked up by the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator as its resident portfolio company for turbines in 2012. David attended Orange Coast College with an engineering focus but left to pursue a career as an entrepreneur.