Zack Fleishman

Ranked #11 in the United States on the ATP Professional Tennis Tour, Zack proved that he is no stranger to hard work, sacrifice, and success. Having been a professional athlete for over ten years (2000-2011 with 4 injury-riddled seasons) instilled in Zack a tremendous work ethic and attention to detail. While on the ATP Tour, Zack started his own company, Z Management, which turned into one of the most successful tennis instruction businesses in Southern California. Z Management has created junior champions, adult champions, and has secured many scholarships to various universities. Zack began by getting Shark Wheel into the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator as one of its resident portfolio companies. It was there that Zack chose to launch a Kickstarter campaign (2013) to bring the Shark Wheel idea to the masses. Zack also served as Chief Operating Offices at 4sphere, a novel wind and water turbine company that was picked up by the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator as its resident portfolio company for turbines in 2012. Zack attended UCLA with business and economics majors.