Legal Workshop and Mock Trial

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to practice law? In our Law Workshop, you will step in to the life of a criminal trial.

Criminal law is one of many areas of law practiced around the world with significant ramifications. In our workshop, we will hold a “mock” trial (simulation act) based on a current case involving college campus life and sexual accusation. The issue will be, what is “consent”?

Serving as our Judge will be the Honorable Joyce Karlin Fahey, former Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, former prosecutor, and former Mayor of Manhattan Beach. Former MYC parent and trial lawyer Ed Lear, Esq. will serve as our Moderator. Civil litigators Laura Inlow, Esq. and Rizza Gonzales, Esq. will serve as our trial attorneys.

You, our MYC student body, will serve as the Jury charged with hearing the case, deliberating, and rendering a Verdict. We would like you to please read this article before our workshop.