Workshop #7: Finance and Broader Business Ecosystem

When you contemplate the world of finance, what comes to mind? Are you drawn to numbers, mathematical problem-solving, and the intricacies of financial systems? Have you ever wondered about the role of a portfolio manager or if you can pursue a career in finance while studying another subject in college? Do you enjoy interacting with people and have an interest in unraveling the complexities of investing? Have you ever considered the field of wealth management? Delve into the captivating world of the Investment Management industry, where you can gain insights from professionals managing substantial portfolios. Explore their daily lives, the paths they took to reach their current positions, and discover what it truly means to be an ‘investor.’ Whether you’re curious about the “Sales side” or the “inside,” or if you’ve ever created a budget, this is your opportunity to learn and explore rewarding careers in this dynamic industry.