Financial Services

We have a fun and memorable evening planned where we will delve into the complex and wide-ranging world of Finance. There are innumerable careers in finance from banking to insurance, from private equity to real estate, and from sales and trading of financial instruments to advising on mergers and acquisitions, to name just a few. Our dynamic presenters, Stephanie Love with Bank of America and Jonathan Glaser of JMG Capital Management LLC, will share their paths and give you an idea of the qualities and experiences that helped to shape their success.

Stephanie Love has 16 years banking experience with  Bank of America.  She is currently a private wealth advisor and works daily with high net worth individuals, making sure their financial goals and needs are being met.  Given this is a client facing job, her skill set includes marketing, communications and a a deep knowledge of security investments and regulations.

Jonathan Glaser started his career as an entertainment lawyer and quickly realized his passion was the financial markets.  He switched careers by getting a job on the floor of the option exchange, and then started a convertible arbitrage hedge fund.  The fund was closed in 2012 due to the changes in regulatory oversight and economic situations. Jon currently has a family office that actively trades in the equity markets and invests in private equity deals and real estate.    

Stephanie and Jon want to share with you the paths they took in their careers. After a Q and A session, you will participate in the student activity where you will be looking at real companies that have been presented to these individuals. They will give you ideas of how to assess the risk and rewards of making an investment in these companies, and then you get to decide yourselves and present your assessment to our speakers.

The world of finance is very large in scope this workshop will give you a picture of the many opportunities out there.
 If for any reason you are unable to be in attendance on Wednesday, we urge you (not your parents) to please send us an email at [email protected] or [email protected] to let us know that you won’t be attending and why.