Designing Schools for the Future

This workshop gives everyone the rare opportunity to tour the world class Da Vinci School Campus, and learn about exciting careers in Architecture, Design and Academia from the founders of this school, and the Co-CEO of the world’s largest architecture firm,  Gensler.  We will be meeting at the Da Vinci School Campus Lobby @ 201 N Douglas Street, El Segundo on Wednesday, January 15th at 5pm until 7:30pm. Please arrive by 4:50pm (but no earlier than 4:30) to allow time for parking and making your way to the lobby.   We are very excited about this interesting tour / fun workshop, and are looking forward to seeing all of you, but if for any reason you are unable to make it, please notify Laurie James at [email protected] or Laurel Wright at [email protected].

IMPORTANT:  For school security purposes, please bring a valid school ID or drivers license … and bring a print out of the attached Parking Pass.   Enter the school campus from the northern entrance on Douglas Street and park in any of the open spaces closest to the main building … see the attached map for the lobby location and where to park.  If you arrive late, we will all be meeting in the “Fish Bowl”, room # 3101.  This room is the blue-windowed room located directly in the center of the third floor. 

What does it take to excel in architecture, design and academic careers?  What motivates people in these careers?  What’s their passion?  Hear from three experts in these fields:  Matt Wunder, CEO of Da Vinci Schools, Steve Wallis, Principal of Da Vinci Science and Andy Cohen, Co-CEO of Gensler.   All will share their stories and provide answers to these questions, along with insight into potential career choices.

Discover the power of design, beyond its pure aesthetic form, because particularly in a school environment, with thousands of students occupying the space daily, design is driven by functionality as much as it does form.  Learn about practical applications and incorporating sustainable design.  From products, to systems, to cities, maybe some aspect of design and architecture will become your career.

Learn about the different academic careers.   The various options, and how to extend beyond teaching, mentoring, research and/or doing school administration.  Gain insight into the unprecedented facility planning process used in creating the extraordinary 3 in 1, Da Vinci campus that included community members, educational leaders, students, teachers and architects.   How did this group with wide ranging interests, identify key educational and design goals and “must haves” for this state of the art Da Vinci campus?   Construction can be very challenging, with timelines, budgets and expectations. What was the collaboration process like for Matt Wunder and Andy Cohen and why was theirs so successful?  What do the students think now?  

Best of all, combine what you learn with your years of experiences in attending school to tackle a “skies the limit” educational design challenge!