MBYC Orientation: Know yourself and learn about others to make a great first impresssion

We are thrilled to announce that our first speaker of the 2021-22 MB Youth Council will be Rob Lucenti, Senior Strategic Client Relationship partner at Deloitte LLC. Rob has perfected the art of making a great first impression. After briefly walking through his career path he’ll offer advice on the importance of learning about others, and how really knowing yourself helps you create a positive and memorable first impression. We will follow that with an in-depth analysis of understanding your own strengths with Kristin Sistos, Founder/CEO of Percheron Consulting and moderator of CliftonStrenths. It is critical for you to complete the asseessment and email your results to Summer Sheets ([email protected]) to make the most of this workshop. Reminder to all: bring a print out of your Strength Assessment results to this workshop.