Public Service and Community Decision-Making

Would you consider a public service career? What does it take to run for office? Our elected public officials receive limited compensation to wrestle with community issues for hours on end and subject themselves to public scrutiny.  But most would describe giving back to their communities as among the most fulfilling work of their lives.  
On Wednesday, February 10 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m., the Manhattan Beach Youth Council is pleased to welcome two Manhattan Beach elected officials to its virtual session – Manhattan Beach City Councilmember Steve Napolitano and Manhattan Beach Unified School Board (MBUSD) Member Jason Boxer.  They will discuss how they became involved with the community, review current issues, and take your questions.  You will then have a chance to place yourself in the role of a decision-maker. 
Attached is a link to a board presentation from 9/30/20 that lays the groundwork for our workshop.  If you can watch the whole presentation of 2 hours in length, that would be ideal, but at a minimum please listen to the introduction (approx 10 minutes) and then policy ideas from the students (starts at 1:10 mark) and the end of the presentation with next steps.

Name: Special Meeting and Board Workshop: Equity, Diversity, Social Justice, and Inclusion via Zoom live streamed to YouTube ChannelDate: Wednesday, September 30, 2020