Mock City Council Meeting

  • Wednesday, April 17, 2019
  • 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm
  • MB Council Chambers
  • Career

This is our final Manhattan Beach Youth Council Workshop; we encourage parents to attend!

MYC participants will engage in a City Council meeting simulation where the “mock” council issue to be discussed will surround City action regarding Cannabis cultivation, sales and delivery. During this session the Mayor and Council will discuss and take a vote on a City Staff recommendation to “Consider Amending the City of Manhattan Beach Municipal Code to Prohibit All Commercial Cannabis Activity in the City, and Allow Limited Indoor Cannabis Cultivation.”

Each student will be given a role in this simulation. Students will role play the mayor, city council, key City staff and community representatives. The “mock” mayor and council members will be sitting in the elected official’s actual chairs and asking questions of staff, and MYC participants will serve as representatives of the community and will be speaking for and against the Cannabis issues being considered. Those assigned to “audience members pro and con” play a key role in our simulation. You need to form an opinion behind the pro or con role you will be assigned and be prepared to sway the City Council.

For background information for you to review and familiarize yourselves concerning the issues to be discussed, we will forward you the above two ordinances, the formal City Staff Report, and some news clips.