Have you ever contemplated the life of a doctor? What kind of doctor? Can you imagine what it would be like working with patients each day? Perhaps you’ve envisioned discovering a breakthrough medicine in a research lab? Or, working for a philanthropic clinic providing healthcare where needed around the world….. The possibilities of careers in the field of healthcare and medicine are endless — and growing.

The United States healthcare industry has been in an upheaval in recent years over the astronomical cost of care and below-par state of health of US citizens compared to many other countries around the globe. At the physician practice level, doctors are being pressured by health insurance companies and other payers to be held accountable for preventing and stabilizing disease; a challenging proposition when they don’t have control over patient behavior!

Another source of pressure on traditional practice of in-person medicine is virtual medicine. Technology is a game-changer in healthcare — allowing patients to receive diagnosis and care anytime, anywhere, by using smart phones. Virtual doctor appointments are becoming mainstream, where patients can FaceTime their physical condition on video with treating physicians. Wearable technologies track realtime physiological events such as blood pressure, pulse, heart attacks, and more. It continues to revolutionize.

At the end of the day, our doctors have to push aside these big societal changes, so they can focus on their calling; their hippocratic oath (look that up before class!), and focus on their patients.