What is the difference between an entrepreneur and someone who just runs a business? Entrepreneurs are leaders. “Leaders walk in front and show others the way. They lift the heavy boxes first and, like Tom Sawyer, they start out by painting the fence better and faster than the crowd who gathered to watch them. It is awe that makes the crowd members pick up a brush and join in.” Forbes Magazine

The workshop is hosted by BCG Digital Ventures – a corporate investment and venture development firm. They are dedicated to inventing, building and launching category-changing businesses at start-up speed for the world’s most influential companies, ensuring they are fit for the future. We share risk and invest alongside our client partners via a range of collaborative options. Founded in 2014, BCG Digital Ventures has major innovation centers in Manhattan Beach, Berlin, London and Sydney as well as a host of labs across the globe. Our centers and labs are home to a diverse range of entrepreneurs, technologists, strategic thinkers, designers and engineers, who are building businesses, creating and expanding markets and developing new technologies that benefit millions of lives. Please take some time before Wednesday’s workshop to look at their website – www.bcgdv.com.