Laurie James

As an author and transformative coach, Laurie loves helping people find their power to create the life they desire.

Her book, Sandwiched: A Memoir of Holding On and Letting Go is about her path to self-discovery and freedom after she found herself caring for elderly parents and raising four daughters while her marriage began to crumble. During that time she had to reevaluate everything she thought she knew.

Now she coaches people who are searching for happiness in their careers and lives. She helps them figure out what happiness means to them, and together they create a plan to achieve their aspirations. As a certified life coach, she’s helped people navigate divorce, family dynamics, betrayal, weight-loss, relationships, career changes and more.

Laurie is a free spirit and a lover of nature, skiing and sailing. Her adopted husky, Lu, is her companion and she can often be found walking on the Strand or playing in Mammoth. For more information on Laurie, please visit