Kathleen Penny

Kathleen Penny is the Senior Vice-President of Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Television Network. She moved to the South Bay a few years ago with husband Greg, a marketing executive at Ford; and their daughters Meg, a sophomore at Costa; and Annie, a 5th grader at Meadows. Kathleen brings decades of programming, production, and creative arts experience to our community and the world through entertainment television and media.

Ms Penny is a graduate of Hammond High School in northwest Indiana entering Indiana University in Bloomington before studying Executive Education, Business Administration and Management at Loyola University of Chicago.

The inspiring road from there into entertainment; becoming a Studio Manager, Post Production Coordinator, Associate Creative Director, Director and Senior VP is what we will learn about this evening. We are in for quite a ride as Kathleen Penny shares her day-to-day professional responsibilities with content and how as she interfaces with the creative team, peeling back the layers of how marketing equals success and ratings. She will discuss how OWN uses storytelling to talk to their advertisers and viewers and how to harness the power of the viewers on social media to market the channel, generate excitement, and increase viewership.