Jackie Leung

  • Head of Talent Acquisition
  • Wpromote

Jackie Leung has been one of those rare individuals that always knew what she wanted to do for her career and has been recruiting since college. She is originally from Canada and has been in the US since 2010 where she continued her recruiting career starting with fashion before moving to advertising.

In 2016 Jackie joined Wpromote to start the Talent arm at the agency and is now overseeing all of recruiting while managing a team of recruiters. While at Wpromote, she had the opportunity to start the DEIB Initiative which fueled the launch of multiple Employee Resource Groups.

Outside of work, she spends her time with her two adorable french bulldogs, Mr. Freckles and Mr. Wrinkles, travels the world with her husband, eating at the best restaurants, and hosts dinner parties for her friends.

MY BIGGEST CHALLENGER LEARNING: The world is ever changing and it is important to embrace the change. We must continue to evolve as society evolves to become forever influential and make an impact on the world. Be that living legend!