J.D. Roth

Just before J.D. Roth hosted a series of game shows (between children and adults) for 14 years, including Fox’s Fun House (1988), which ran from 1988 to 1991 and Animal Planet ZOOventure (1997), which ran from 1997 to 1998, he was a contestant on Star Search (1983), and as an actor he made numerous guest appearances on The Equalizer (1985), As the World Turns (1956) and Charles in Charge (1984). After hosting Fun House, he then founded Slam Dunk Productions, on which he served as the executive producer of the short-lived Double Up (1992), Mad Libs & Moolah Beach (2001). In October 2000, he hosted his first adult game show, Sex Wars (2000) with Jennifer Cole, after hosting a lot of kids game shows. What he knew was that a lot of kids who grew up watching the shows J.D. had hosted should enjoy watching an adult game show, but it lasted for only a year.