Debra Cummings

Here at SAND we believe in this basic principle: Take your work seriously, without taking yourself too seriously. Since 2002, SANDdesign has collected a small group of multi-talented designers who maintain projects ranging from small boutique hotels to expansive vacation resorts. There is no challenge that our close-knit team cannot tackle.

We pride ourselves in creating comfortable, clean, and stylish interiors that embrace the spirit of the local surroundings. Tailoring all aspects to our clients’ requests, we never reuse an element in the same way again. In this ever-changing field, we are always evolving and challenging ourselves to create new and innovative designs. We are constantly educating ourselves in the newest technologies and products to make sure we don’t just follow the trends. On the contrary, we initiate them.

Beginning with conceptual presentations, our team is hands-on throughout the entire design development process; creating construction and specification documents in-house to ensure the design intent is met throughout all stages of the project.