Chris Stone

  • Deputy Managing Editor for New Initiatives and Vice President of LA Times Studios
  • Los Angeles Times

Chris Stone is the Deputy Managing Editor for New Initiatives and Vice President of LA Times Studios at The Los Angeles Times. In his role, Stone guides the launch of new products and initiatives and provides leadership across the studio’s portfolio. He is leading the launch of initiatives such as The Times’ editorial partnership with Verizon using drones, robotics and 3-D mapping technologies to enhance storytelling capabilities, and a forthcoming project to spotlight individuals who are shaping the future of Los Angeles.

Stone joined LA Times in 2020 as the Executive Sports Editor. During his time overseeing the Sports section, he led a major expansion of its digital-first focus. The Sports team won consecutive “Grand Slams” in the Associated Press Sports Editor awards and published successful initiatives under his leadership, such as the award-winning docuseries “Fernandomania @ 40” and extensive coverage of Super Bowl LVI. Stone also worked with The Times’ audio and entertainment departments to help bring “Binge Sesh,” a 10-episode companion podcast to HBO’s “Winning Time,” to life.

Prior to joining LA Times, Stone worked for Sports Illustrated for 27 years. He led the magazine as Editor in Chief for the last four years of his time there. Prior to becoming Editor in Chief, he also served as Editorial Director for Sports Illustrated, Golf and Kids, and Managing Director of Sports Illustrated, among other roles. He is a graduate of Tufts University and the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. Stone lives in Manhattan Beach with his wife, Kim, two kids, Sam (21), Anabel (17) and dog, K’Ron. He enjoys Randy’s Donuts, the Boston Red Sox and everything ever written by Evelyn Waugh. He will take Manhattan Beach over Manhattan, NY every day of the week.