Amy Kaji, M.D.

I completed the Harbor-UCLA Emergency Medicine Residency Program in 2002, after which I stayed at Harbor-UCLA for a 2-year Disaster Medicine/Research Fellowship. During this time period, I completed my Master’s in Public Health at the UCLA School of Public Health, and in 2007, I completed my PhD in Epidemiology, also at the School of Public Health. I serve as a methodological/statistical reviewer and am on the Editorial Board for Annals of Emergency Medicine, and I serve as the chairman of the SAEM Membership Committee. Last year, I was a faculty participant for the SAEM CPC competition. I currently serve as the medical director for the South Bay Disaster Resource Center. My interests include medical writing and editing (for journals and textbooks), research methods, EMS/disaster, and pediatric Apparent Life-Threatening Events (ALTE).